About Filehand, LLC...

With a combined experience of 50 years, Bob and Elliot formed Filehand to develop software to make people more productive.  We want people to say "How did I live without this!" and "Microsoft should have done that!".  We want our software to be accessible to all PC users: accessible in terms of price and in terms of ease-of-use.

We are dedicated to supporting all our customers for as long as they continue to use our products.


Elliot Mednick

Founder, President

Elliot is sort of the utility infielder of computer engineering.  (For those not enamored with Baseball terms, it means that he can do a little of everything -- "play all the bases", as it were).  (If you aren't in North America, think of him as the midfielder of computer engineering.)

After graduating with a BSEE 23 years ago, he has worked mostly for computer companies, like Prime Computer (now defunct), Encore Computer (now defunct), Data General (now defunct), and Lexra (now defunct).  Throw in a 2-year consulting stint at Avid (still with us).

About half of those years have been spent designing hardware (chips, processors), and the other half, software.  Most recently, Elliot was an architect at Cadence Design Systems designing software and solutions for hardware engineers.

Elliot founded and sold (twice) Wellspring Solutions, a software company that developed and marketed a commercial Verilog hardware simulator.

Elliot received a BSEE from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1981 and came close enough to an MSEE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the mid-1980's (1 credit short, long story).

(If you like progressive rock music, check out his other time-sink at Delicious Agony Internet Radio.)

Elliot also designed this web site, which is why his entry is longer than Bob's.

Bob Gelinas

Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Bob got the idea for Filehand Search while looking for needles in a haystack.  Its not that he's very disorganized, but all too often he used to visit Google to find a document that he knew was already on his computer somewhere (haven't you done the same?).

Eventually Bob started prototyping his approach to a personal search engine, which was based upon the simple notion that searching for files on his PC should be as fast and easy as searching for files on the internet. After producing three generations of the program for his own use and sharing it with friends, Bob teamed up with Elliot to refine the concept and bring it to market.

For the five years prior to founding Filehand, Bob was a CPU architect and chip designer with Lexra Inc.  Before Lexra, Bob spent 17 years at Data General Corp where he was a microprogrammer, hardware designer, and CPU architect.

Bob has maintained a keen interest in programming throughout his career as a hardware engineer. He has written and supported several proprietary applications for circuit board layout, chip layout and logic simulation.

Bob earned a BSEE from the University of Maine in 1980.

Jonathan Little

Member of the Technical Staff

Having recently graduated with a BSCS from University of Southern Maine, Jon has made major contributions to the implementation of Filehand Search and to its graphical user interface.















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