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"Over the years, I've looked at just about every search tool available, and this beats them all. It beats the tool I've been using....I'm so impressed with this product that not only is it a Pick, but I'm making it a Dr. File Finder Favorite! and those are few and far between."  --Dr. File Finder
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The Office Letter Home Page"Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a fast and easy search tool for your hard drive that returned results ŗ la Google? That's just what Filehand does. After indexing your hard drive, the utility returns results with blinding speed and equal accuracy."
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(5-star rating from Shareup)

4 Cow rating(4-Cow rating from Tucows)


"Similar issues recur often in litigation.  Filehand allows me to quickly search my files to locate arguments or authority that I have included in briefs or motions in the past.   I find it so helpful I loaded all of my archived word processing files onto my hard drive so I could include them in my searches and now I have my entire form file at my fingertips.  It is a huge time and money saver for both me and my clients.  I use it every day." --Tracy Anielski, Attorney at Law

"Filehand Search has fundamentally changed the way I use my computer." -- Jonah Probell, Principal Design Engineer, UltraData Corp.

"What a great tool!  Iím a bit of a packrat when it comes to saving technical documents in my field, but Iím fairly disorganized. With Filehand Search, now I can actually find the documents I need  when I need them." -- Michael Hedrich, IT Specialist/Health Informatic, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates

"I never know where my files are.  With Filehand Search, I never have to know." -- Scott Gogliuzza, High School science teacher

"For someone with basic computer skills, Filehand Search is a dream come true. Now I don't have to worry about losing any more files."  -- Don Cassidy, School Administrator

"I use it every day to find MP3 music without having to traverse the folders to find it."  --Elliot Mednick, Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio