Filehand Search is so simple to use, anyone can use it.  From the inept to the adept computer user.  Here's a quick tour to show you.

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Performing a Search

Just type in what it is you are looking for.  Filehand Search will display the results, typically in less than a second.  Filehand Search will order the results by relevance, so in most cases, the file you are looking for will be on top:

(Click on the picture to see a full-sized version).

To open the file or open the folder containing the file just click on the result.

Examining extracts

Not only do you see a list of files, but you also see extracts, so you know right away that you have the correct file.  You can easily scroll through the extracts with simple mouse clicks:

Using the navigation links, you can quickly show more or less of the exact, move to extract to the next instance of the search term, go to the beginning, go to the end, or just scroll through the extract.  In most cases, you'll find the information you are looking for without even opening the file!

Complex searches, simplified

The easy-to-use syntax allows you to precisely specify Boolean combinations, exact phrases, and exclude words. An advanced search form provides a direct way to enter Boolean search requests, as well as search by filename and dates:

You can use any combination of terms to help you reduce the number of found files.  If you know something about the filename, you can even add that information.


Simple searches, simplified

Even the most novice computer user can use Filehand Search.  Click once on the icon in the system tray, and you open the mini Quick Query window from which you can enter your search.  Leave it up all the time!

File types supported

Filehand Search supports the most popular file types: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, WordPerfect, and MP3 files.  If you want, you can choose to not search certain file types:

You can choose which directories to search.  By default, Filehand Search will search all files in the My Documents folder and all sub folders under it:

Read the detailed description.
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About Indexing...

"Indexing" is the secret to super-fast searching.  In the background, Filehand Search takes all the files the you might want to search and builds a sophisticated database.  When you want to search for something, Filehand actually searches this database.

Filehand does all this in the background, using unused CPU cycles.  In other words, it will not slow down your computer or your applications.

Filehand does not use the Windows Indexing service.  For more on this, see the description page.