What's New?

The current version of Filehand Search is version 3.0, build 500. Updating from build 351 or earlier will require the index to be rebuilt. This will occur automatically.

Here is a list of all released versions and their change history:

Version 3.0, build 500; January 13, 2008
- Remove incompatibility with Vista, but now requires .NET 2.0 or newer.

Version 3.0, build 488; March 19, 2006
- Fixed an undocumented incompatibility with .NET 2.0

Version 3.0, build 487; June 7, 2005
- Fix problem that prevented some IFilters from loading.
- Handle some exceptions that occur when viewing some types of mail items.
- Fix a rare problem that caused exceptions when some folder types are selected in the folder chooser.

Version 3.0, build 483; May 31, 2005
- Allow indexer to run (with 5 minute delay) if Filehand Search is set up to start when the system starts.
- Fix some exceptions caused when certain mail items are displayed in list view mode.
- Improved error reporting when an exceptions halts the indexer.

Version 3.0, build 480; May 24, 2005
- Critical fix for a problem with the opening of email items in list view mode while the columns are sorted in something other than the default order. In prior versions, the wrong email item might have been opened, or an exception might have occurred.
- Fixed opening of email folders in list view mode.

Version 3.0, build 478; May 19, 2005
- When the Filehand Search starts, the indexer will sleep 5 minutes before starting the first time.
- Move tab setting preferences when the index folder is moved.
- Work around another problem that causes an exception when certain Outlook item types are displayed in the list view results.

Version 3.0, build 476; May 17, 2005
- Fixed a problem with auto search mode when - and OR are typed into the search form.
- Fixed interaction issues between drag and drop and opening of files while in list view mode.
- Work around a problem when trying to open some Outlook item types that causes an exception within Filehand Search.

Version 3.0, build 472; May 8, 2005
-New information panes in the sidebar of the list view mode.
-New option to automatically start searching as words are typed.
Select Options | Preferences, and check the box on the Search tab.
- Added drag and drop support for files shown in the list view.
- Make tool tips in list view respond to user preferences.
- Fixed a problem with the updating of the short form search box when moving through the search history.
- Fixed an exception that could occur when searching while all the input fields are blank.

Version 3.0, build 467; May 5, 2005
A major release with many new and powerful features:
- Improved Outlook support provides faster content extraction and avoids security warnings.
- Index files in ZIP archives.
- Index templates for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files (.dot, .xlt and .pot extensions).
- New alternative list, icon and detail views let you review up to 1,000 results in a single window.
- In the detail view, sort the currently displayed results according to any column.
- Use tabs to quickly multi-task among different search tasks. Each tab remembers the view settings and search history.
- Save query to a file. Open the file within Windows to launch the query in Filehand Search.
- Index any file that has a supporting IFilter installed on the your system.
- Choose Options | Select File Types from the menu and enter the file name extensions in the IFitlers box.
- Optionally try IFilters before internal filters.
- Specify the CPU utilization limit of the indexing task.
- Indexing will automatically sleep when the system is busy.
- Optionally limit indexing to the beginning of each file. Provides faster indexing, but less thorough search results (like our competition).
- Improved database management policies to update the index more quickly when a small number of files have changed.
- Preserve index entries for files that cannot be accessed because a networked drive or email server cannot be accessed.
- Fixed a problem that prevented the indexer from running if only email items were selected for indexing.
- Show email folders and message sizes in results. Email items that were already indexed will automatically be re-indexed to enable this feature.

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