Why are we giving Filehand Search away?

We made a business decision.  Filehand Search is too good (in our opinion, of course) to sell.  There are some free search utilities out there that are inferior to Filehand Search, and we want to prove it.

How can we afford to do this?  We are working on professional and enterprise versions of Filehand Search.  We will charge money for those versions.  Yet, we will continue to support and improve the basic Filehand Search.  We consider this free version as an investment in the future of Filehand, LLC.

To answer your other questions:

  • Yes, we will support you, even if you didn't pay for it.

  • Yes, you will be entitled to free updates for life, even if we change our mind and decide to start charging for it again.

  • No, there is no catch.

For those of you that did purchase Filehand Search, this is a decision we made very recently.  When we do offer a professional version, we will give you a very favorable upgrade offer.

Please tell your friends, family members and coworkers!

--The Filehand Staff